Essay On Negative Effects Of Social Media

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The Negative Impact from Social Media Social media is something so beneficial yet comes with so many consequences. It was created and intended to be used as a different form of communication but as time goes on people have begun to use not only social media but the internet in their own ways such as, keeping their toddlers from throwing another tantrum, or binge watching the latest season of their favorite show. It’s amazing that we can do all of this with such a small device now but the impact it leaves can be very damaging. Anything on social media or even our own devices, is never private. To expand on that a little more, many companies sell your information to other companies that will benefit from it. So, if you find yourself questioning…show more content…
This platform and way of life is very beneficial, but it can also cause many problems such as the ones explained. Many pediatricians recommend that children should not use devices such as smartphones, tablets or even watch television until the age of two. This is not taken into consideration and parents are exposing their children to mobile apps or tv at a very young age to keep them distracted, causing the children to adapt to this and learn to ask for it. Social media can also keep us distracted for hours at a time causing us to waste such valuable time. Companies are also doing things without our acknowledgment such as selling our information to companies and using it to better their company or to try and sell you their goods. During all of this we are never advised that websites are selling our information and we never receive any profit for it. Communication has also been significantly effected by social media. Using our phone is much easier now than going to see someone and interact with them. Apps like facetime make it even easier to communicate face to face but still with no physical contact. Technology has advanced momentously but has caused many downfalls in
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