Essay On Negative Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy

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THE EFFEFTS OF PREGNANCY ON YOUNG MOTHERS 2.3.1. Health Effects Teenage pregnancy is rarely planned as the teen is still at school and considered as children by their parents and society at large, despite the changes in their body. When pregnancy does occurs it coincides with the teens schooling and this produces negative challenges for the mother to be and the unborn baby. Teenage girls know that they should not be engaging in sexual intercourse at their age, upon discovering their pregnancy they are less likely to share the news with the adults in their lives. The best option for them is to hide the pregnancy until it starts to show. This can have negative effects on the unborn child, as the mother would not be receiving the essential prenatal…show more content…
Psychological and emotional effects Most teenage girls upon discovering their pregnancy, procrastinate about telling their family members about it. The first person they are likely to reveal to is the biological father, whom is likely to receive the news of his impending fatherhood with negativity. This can be viewed by the teen girl as sign of the father denying the pregnancy. This will lead to considerable stress on the mother to be and this will negatively impact their health. In some cultures teen mothers are ostracized which may further add to the burdens of teenage pregnancy. Without the positive support from the parents or other adults pregnant teenagers are likely to feel scared, alone and isolated. And seeking support from friends may not always yield positive results as some friends may discriminate and label them negatively. If their feelings went unchecked, the teenage mother can take irrational decisions or take extreme actions. It has been reported that some teenagers who manage to conceal their pregnancy till birth have abandoned their babies. In some extreme cases, a teenager mother may take their own life for fear of coping of motherhood or even run away from home especially if she comes from a strict

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