Essay On Negative Effects Of The Internet

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The power of the internet in the recent few years, attacked people’s lives and destroyed their minds. Students are totally immersed in using the internet without being aware of its negative effects. Some people believe that the internet is making lives much better and saving students’ time in researches and studies. On the other hand, it has been proven that the internet is bringing with it many risks that disturb students’ privacy, make them addicted to it, and waste their time. “The Internet archives the world's knowledge. Students can find essays or test answers for any subject imaginable. Knowing that the correct answers are readily available online can prove far too tempting for some students, which leads to academic fraud, plagiarism, and rampant cheating.” (Lynch), where he means that internet usage can lead to various negative effects on students such as fraud, plagiarism, and rampant cheating. However, the solutions can be stated out when the government, parents and the users themselves tend to take full responsibilities for the risks occurring out through students’ which can make an end for this problem. The more you…show more content…
When you fall a prey to this medication of web, it is extremely hard to return from that point. The web habit can be of any sort, an understudy may be dependent on the person to person communication destinations or the gaming locales and in great cases, an understudy may even fall a prey to the betting destinations. In the third case, understudy may even lose all his family’s riches. Moreover was said :“ College administrators are concerned about that they have put all this money in for an educational tool and some students are using it for self-destruction as students chat, play interactive games, gamble online, day trade, download porn, or scan the web” (Young, 2005). This shows a big and tremendous act of time wasting over the internet by
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