Essay On Negative Effects Of Tourism

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Beside that, traveling has a harmful effect on the environment. Mostly it is caused by a lot of visitors or outsiders that want to visit and take a look on the culture, interesting place or do their own activities. And we can say traveling is one of the favorite activities of people around the world especially the millennials. Tourism may positively impact one’s country or city in terms of economic advantages, employment opportunities, foreign exchange earnings, and growth in the service sector. However, it may also put pressure on the environment, especially when there’s a huge number of visitors in regions where the resources are already inadequate. In fact, unrestrained traditional tourism has possible threats to a lot of natural resources from across the globe. It can lead…show more content…
This decision was weeks after Koh Tachai, one of Thailand’s National Park has been closed because of coral bleaching and damages to the marine ecosystem. It is not just the ocean and the island that tourism is slowly killing. It has tons of negative effect to the environment. There are 3 negative impacts. First of all, the air pollution coming from tourist transportation is one of the major negative effects of tourism. Traveling by rail, air, and road results to air pollution that damages the environment. Apparently, a large portion of air emissions is caused by 60% of air travel from tourists going from one place to another. Additionally, transport emissions can result to photochemical pollution, acid rain, and global warming. Campervans and car rentals are popular travel transportation in countries like Australia and New Zealand and are one of the leading cause of air pollution. Though some campervan hire companies in the said countries are going for environmentally safe
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