Essay On Negative Impact Of Modern Values

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Negative impacts of modern values on traditional values A country’s culture is a must for sovereignty and for the identity of its people. So with this idea, the ‘Preservation and Promotion of Cultural and traditional values’ is one pillar guiding the philosophy of Gross National Happiness in Bhutan. However, it is difficult and challenging with the arrival of modern commodities such as internet, television and foreign goods. Despite having many positive impacts, modernization and its values have greatly undermined the practice of traditional values such as dressing, Buddhism, music and literature and other festivals and recreation. Modern fashion has drastically weakened the practice of wearing traditional attire in the country. Many people wear Gho and Kira occasionally when they go to office and dzong, during festivals and tshechus and on other important occasions. Moreover, the youths frequently wear pants and shirts…show more content…
With popularity of modern songs and other international songs, people rarely take interest in traditional songs of Boedra and Zhungdra (Sharma, 2001). Preserving and promoting the traditional song has become only the responsibility of a few older people and hardly by youths. Moreover, the passing down of oral traditions such as recalling stories and fables from parents to younger generations are less practiced, since children spend most of their time in front of television watching cartoons, Indian Bollywood movies and also by playing video games (Rinchen, N.D). Furthermore, today children’s story and picture books are from India and abroad (Dorji, 2009) as well as watching indigenous BBS channel is often ignored as people are more interested by Bollywood, Hollywood and soap operas. So the danger of extinction of music and oral tradition has become a call that needs timely
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