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In today’s unstable world, peace (in global scale) seems being a miracle and a desire of millions of people across the world, especially those, of course, who live in currently warmongering nations. Therefore, the word “peace” is used all the time on TV, in conversations, debates, etc. But what is “peace” really about? To begin with, we can always simply state that peace is simply an absence of war. This concept is known as negative peace and as Martin Luther King puts it, it’s an “absence of tension”. [1] Here, I will have to note that peace applies not only to interstate affairs. Negative peace doesn’t mean that the nations that were at war are living as before, conducting trade, etc., so this situation or state of affairs is basically close to becoming violent sooner or…show more content…
Baruch Spinoza once said: “Peace is not the absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition of benevolence, confidence, justice.” [9] While on the one hand this phrase might suggest that peace may be different for every person, the last two words, namely ‘confidence’ and ‘justice’ pose a greater interest right now. They may suggest the need for ‘justice’ (although the word is itself as hard to define as peace, we mean both justiciary and socio-economical), a working system of law, a lack of violence and guaranteed future. There is a clear link between the rule of law (ROL), peace and justice: peace can not be established in the areas without established ROL, because in such cases, certain groups may seek for justice through the violence, not to mention the infeasibility of implementation of human rights or economic growth without the ROL. [10] The ROL also serves as the prerequisite of the establishment of a democratic system and (indirectly, though democratic system) peaceful emancipation, acquirement of new rights and a fight for socio-economical

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