Cause Of Child Neglect Essay

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As we know, cases of neglected children has increased in recent years. The most common causes of neglected children is maltreatment, disadvantageous stages, family problems, etc.. In the countries where there is more prevalence of such cases, they have begun to form associations to help these children, to get them off the streets and to find them a decent home. Some of the associations are American Humane Association, ISPCAN (International Society For The Prevention Of Child Abuse And Neglect), among others. When neglected, these children are forced to work or beg for alms on the streets to survive, in addition to suffering the hazards found in these and abuses of those who seek to exploit them. Most neglected children end up as sex workers or drug dealers. In this document we…show more content…
• Children living in foster homes or orphanages, these children have a fear of never being adopted, because if they were not chosen in past is going to be more difficult to be adopted in the future; do not forget that when the shelters do not have space for another child what they do is get rid of an older child for a younger.

• Parents who do not care for their children because they are not interested in their care and needs, which can cause a psychological or emotional disorder, because they grew up without parental affection and think that this is acceptable, then they do not show feelings to others, they are cold and may even come to have low self-esteem. We must realize that this becomes a cycle, because the child did not receive affection growing up, he will do the same with their

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