Colonization In China

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Europeans colonized the Asian, African and the Latin American countries for centuries, and it came to end after the World War 2. However, new form of colonization known as the new-colonization started later on, where the powerful countries extract the resources of the poor countries in the name of economic cooperation. The neo-colonization is taking place in different form, one method of which is the accusation of land, or land grab. In the pursuit of economic development, Sri Lanka should be wary of neo-colonization, and its undesirable effect on the future. Therefore, the government plan to lease out 15000 acres of land to China must be carefully analyzed and considered. China is a leading power that engages in neo-colonization through land grab in many part of the…show more content…
China needs resources for new industries, which it can extract from the land it acquires from poor countries. For its products, China needs market, and the purchasing of land allows China an easy access to local markets. However, the most important advantage is its ability to expand the strategic interest. For example, China must keep sea lines of communication open in case of exigencies, which requires it to establish a foothold in the Indian Ocean. Consequently, the powerful countries are the main beneficiaries of the land lease. Nevertheless, the poor countries like Sri Lanka can benefit from Chinese investment. Developing countries lack capital for investment, and China becomes a huge source of capital for them, especially when other western countries are reluctant to invest due to various reasons. That is why the present government of Mr. RW that criticized the former government for taking Chinese loans when in the opposition does the same thing after assuming office. Also, it helps transfer of technology from China to Sri Lanka. Consequently, the Chinese investment has become an attractive for many of the developing countries.
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