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2. DEFINING NEOLOGISM 2.1 Definition of neologism Neologisms are possibly the professional translator 's most serious problem. Rapid growth of technical development, makes that on the world arise a thousand of new articles and processes. Line between slang , dialect and official language in nowadays is blurred. Every language acquires about 3000 of new words per annum. Is not sure how many of them are neologism, there are hard to count, because a lot of them are forgotten as soon as it appeared. In other words , neologism are totally new words and phrases which are arise in language because of technological development of world, or are created for a special need of writer. According to Stekauer neologisms are “a naming which was coined…show more content…
Peprnik also indicated several reasons why neologism are created : - the first reason is willingness to replace seemingly offensive words for example : dustman - sanitary engineer. Following reason for need to naming of inventions and objects or to replace some foreign terms by mother one. Newmark (1988:140) described neologism as “a newly coined lexical units or existing lexical units that acquire new sense.” Neologism (Bauer 1983:85) are new word which describe something that doesn’t exists. According to Bauer every new word passes through a 3-phases process; which are called – nonce formation, institutionalization and lexicalization. Nonce formation is process of creating a new word to immediately solve some problem of communication. Then the new word can disappear or it can go through the process of institutionalization and be approved by the society or some social group. At the end, neologism becomes lexicalized or slowly disappear forever. ( Bauer 1983 : 42, 45,48). The division on the types by formation of neologism was presented by Newmark. Below, will be discuss some of them. Types of neologism by formation: (Newmark 1988:140-149) • Old word with new sense : It is a formation of new significance of old words. For example: gay. -The previously meaning: wanton -The latest meaning:
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