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The epicentre of the quake was east of the Gorkha district, which is at the centre of Nepal. The earthquake brought with it aftershocks and landslides. To reiterate, the earthquake killed nearly 9000 people. The quake struck at approximately noon, so many people were outdoors and thus far less were likely to be underneath rubble. The earthquake caused an estimated 10 billion dollars worth of damage, which over half of its GDP in 2015 of 19.2 billion dollars. Figure 4 shows a map of the most affected area in terms of casualties. The most casualties occur in the Kathmandu and Sindhupalchok district, with over one thousand deaths. Areas with moderate deaths include Gorkha and Bhaktapur with 100-1000 deaths. Every other area of Nepal such as near Mount Everest has low numbers of casualties which is 50 or less. Figure 4 also shows the location of temporary camps of displaced people, most of these camps are near Kathmandu.

The rescue efforts after the deadly quake were immense. An effort under the name of Operation Sankat Mochan, was responsible for the immediate rescue and relief of the earthquake. The operation had the Nepal army deploy 90% of its force along with army personnel from many other countries, including India and China with providing the most personnel. Rescuing proved to be very difficult. Many villages have been
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Since the earthquake occurred in April, it is early enough in the year to see how the earthquake affected the tourist arrivals for the whole of 2015. 2013 was the year with the most arrivals but the least tourist receipts of $438 million. 2015 had by far the least tourist arrivals at 555,000, which is almost thirty percent less than the arrivals in 2014. Both 2014 and 2015 are close in terms of total tourist receipts, 2014 just beating 2015 by $6 million. But the tourist receipts per tourist are significantly higher in 2015 relative to both other

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