Essay On Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality In the evolving age of technology, the most paid jobs are the ones related to computer engineering and programming and if your area of study/work is not digital it will somehow require you to use digital devices. In other words, if you are not contributing to the creation of the digital age, you are consuming it. Although it may seem an innocuous topic, one of the most predominant and controversial issues of our time and specifically the past decade has been network neutrality, which has also been referred to as net neutrality. Net Neutrality indicates that the consumers of the digital age should be provided with the same, undiscriminated information. The creators of this age are the ones who get to control everyone else’s lives without them even realizing it. So to pick which side of this divide we want to be on may actually be the most important decision that we make, because from that on everything we do and all other choices would be under influence. All the computers and digital devices that we use are programmed by somebody and these programmers are now in control and running our world. They are the few who get to…show more content…
To understand why this issue has become as important as it is today, increasing the internet community’s arrogance, we have to realize that the right to privacy and free speech that is promised to us through the amendments plays an important role in this decision making. In the digital age the owners and content creators of media platforms have a lot of control and influence on modern speech and how we as a society communicate. At first the idea seems like it would enhance the first amendment since it encourages equal access of content to the users, however, what most people tend to disregard is the fact that it also violates it by potentially having the internet providers transmit content to their consumers against their
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