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Nettle juice and tea are traditionally used by physiotherapists to clean and improve the blood, as a perfect remedy, but the drink is becoming increasingly popular as a refreshing drink if we add oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits with a little ice. It is one of the most healing plants on the planet. How to independently prepare this juice at your home?

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On this occasion, we give you 3 excellent proposal for medicinal juice and syrup, as well as a recipe for nettle tea, tincture, and medicinal bath. Whichever option you will choose you can not go wrong...


Nettle is a very widespread herbaceous plant. Grows in the moist and nutritious soil. It can grow up to one meter in height. The leaves are oblong (3-15 cm) egg-shaped, the edges are
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Natural juice of the nettle is the best medicine for cleaning and improving blood.

Nettle has a positive effect on the pancreas and helps to reduce the feeling of high blood sugar, help with urinary infections and stimulates better bowel movements and the entire digestive tract. This is why it is recommended for spring cleaning the body.

In herbal medicine nettle tea has excellent results in diseased liver and gall bladder, as well as sleep disorders, tumors in the spleen, stomach cramps, ulcers, and other lung diseases. Nettle tea shouldn't consume more than 28 days. Never let it boil because that will destroy the most precious ingredients. Drink 1 cup every day. You can preventively drink throughout the year because it is perfect for the prevention of the above-mentioned problems.

It helps in bacterial, viral infections and seasonal. If you are anemic, have a lack of iron in your body, you are often lethargic during the day mainly feel listless, this plant is just what you need because it contains a lot of iron. Nettle juice for anemia is generally accepted remedy, which recognizes and modern

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