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The Questions one should ask is Who is taking care of your brain? As a Neurodiagnostic technician, I will have the ability to work with surgeons, physicians, researchers and educators to serve people. Being a Neurodiagnostic technician, I will have the ability to diagnose seizures and other neuroglial disorders. Furthermore, being a Neurodiagnostic technician, I will have the ability to detect how quickly the brain receives messages which are some cases can be vital for the patient. I want to be a Neurodiagnostic technician because the field helps to maintain the quality of life and in many cases, it helps saves lives. I love the quality time that a Neurodiagnostic technician can spend with the patient. I believe that having a good relationship with the patient is the most important objective when working in the health care field.…show more content…
Being a Neurodiagnostic technician it will allow me to work with patients and be able to help them reach a full recovery which is auspicious. Furthermore, I always love to help people out with anything in life whether it is homework or if they need help with changing a tire, I am always there to help them out. I began to pose the idea that if I like to take care of people, what better way to do that is to become a Neurodiagnostic technician. Now I can answer the question of who is taking care of your brain that I stated at the beginning of my essay. The answer to that question is my name is Ilyasah Brown-Bush your Neurodiagnostic technician and today I will be taking care of your

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