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The statement implies that people tend to ask only non-neutral questions which is subjective and it is impossible for people to ask non-neutral questions which is objective. Initially, this view seems apparently reasonable as each individual has their own points of view on the same topic and see and interpret things differently, can there be a question that is not bias? In order to understand this claim, the terms with in the claim must first be understood. What is neutral question? Generally, neutral question means that the question is unbiased and does not take any of the sides of the issue but the exceptions should be existed. In my opinion, “Neutral question” means not to stuck in paradigm and not coming from certain one culture. Paradigm is concept or perspective which individuals accepted. The different paradigms that people hold own would lead to different interpretation of the world in different ways. This raises a knowledge issue, “To what extent are questions within different paradigms biased because they are colored by each paradigm?” and “What knowledge can be rise from neutral question and how are they significant?” I aim to explore knowledge issues arising from the claim through making reference to and giving examples in two areas of knowledge, natural…show more content…
They base their findings on and scientific data and trials to acquire the knowledge, thus they use the logical reason as a way of knowing. It can be argued the logical reason plays important role in the process of knowledge, which must be less biased, acquisition in the natural science. Therefore, natural scientists are objective, meaning the decisions are based on facts or results and not colored by the paradigm. They tend to ask neutral question because their findings are based on logical reasoning and not involved any
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