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The media is characterized as a news medium that tells of the intense or surprising events in our society. Television and radio are a units viewed as audiovisual media, newspapers and magazines are a units referred to as medium, and third parties area unit referred as new media, as well as social media. This whole of media permits us to speak effortlessly. The media is an essential supply of data in its news and amusement segments, permitting us to alter concepts, suggestions and comments. Most immature folks sometimes use television for movies and alternative amusement programs. The media plays associate elementary role in our lives as a result of we are able to not predict life while not the daily coverage of national, provincial and international news. However, viewers should make sure that the messages reported within the media area are correct and are not confusing by critically assessing their content and expressing their views on specific issues.


In the late 20th century a term was emerged called New Media which includes the advancement of traditional media
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A noticeable role is amusement. The media can act as a launch pad for our thoughts, a source of vision and play his roles extensively. In the early decades of the twentieth century, the first most important non-printing form of mass media that is "radio" exploded in fame. Radio which were less pricey than telephones and broadly accessible in 1920 had an ability to telecast their show from few stations but massive number of people was listening at a single time. But the tangible era of new media was started when the Internet debuted in 1984 the world began to change in spectacular ways. Over the earlier period, the long lasting growth of the Internet has become changed how we shop, how we talk, how we’re amuse, how we gather information and get the news and how we spend our time on social networking

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