Essay On New Media Technology

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Today’s generation is indicative of how the communication process has evolved over the years. Persons are interested in receiving some form of feedback almost immediately and so, it is no surprise that media technologies have evolved as well. New media technologies not only offer its users opportunities to access information in a digital format anywhere and at any time, but it also allows for users to create content and generate feedback based on content they have received ( In some cases, this can have an impact on culture, which speaks to the collection of ideas and habits which are shared through generations (Haralambos, 2008). New media technologies allude to the move from an analog age into a digital one, allowing for real time reaction. They tend to include things like wireless internet and smart devices which facilitate the use of social media networking sites. It is through these channels that people have become both users and producers of content and ultimately culture. Wireless internet (wifi) enables people across the globe to share, comment and discuss content posted on the internet from anywhere they are…show more content…
One of these is the Uses and Gratifications theory. The UG theory is based on the concept that different people use media for a variety of purposes. Theorists like Katz, Blumler and McQuail posit that the audience is active, that the needs of users must be gratified, that media serves as an escape from everyday routine and that it can have an effect on personal identity as it relates to value reinforcement, reality exploration and self-understanding (Severin & Tankard, 2001, pp. 294-295). This can be applied to the Caribbean context where individuals use new media technologies; their smart devices, which are connected to wireless internet networks to access social media networks among other sites for some form of
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