An Essay About New Year's Eve Indonesia

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New Year’s Eve in Indonesia Even though Indonesia is well-known as a country proud of its tradition that consist of numerous interesting indigenous rituals and specific customs, when it comes to celebration of New Year’s Eve, this amazing country can compete with some of the most modern places on our planet. Indonesian holidays offer is pretty wide and it absolutely can fulfill everyone’s expectations, with the large number of hotels, discos and restaurants that offer special programs that include some of the tastiest local and international meals, as well as different types of music, art performances and many other amusing contents. If you celebrate New Year’s Eve in Indonesia, you will realize that its main ingredients are spectacular fireworks and trumpets that will make your way into New Year a really unique and joyful experience. Having in mind that the island of Bali is one of the most visited areas of Indonesia, with its large cultural and entertainment offer, you should not be surprised to read that this place is one of the leading areas chosen not only by tourists but also by local people who are looking for a spectacular countdown! By now, we’re pretty sure that…show more content…
Being not only touristic, but also a residential area, Seminyak is not strictly focused on tourist expectations – it also provides the traditional atmosphere and interesting interaction of the local spirit and international influences. However, having in mind that in Seminyak you will be able to enjoy numerous high-end shopping centers, spas, restaurants and many other luxurious places, you should not be surprised to read that this place is one of the places with the highest prices in

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