Essay On New York City Earthquake

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An earthquake is a serious manner in which no one should take lightly. This earthquake was notable for its incongruity: it was one of the most powerful to hit New York City in decades, and yet it caused little damage. The likelihood of an earthquake in the New York metropolitan area has been assessed as ‘‘moderate’’ (Tantala, 2008, p. 812). However, New York City has experienced already three earthquakes and what are going to be the odds for another earthquake happening soon.
According to Tantala (2008), although New York City is a region with low seismic hazard (infrequent damaging earthquakes), it actually has high seismic risk because of its tremendous assets, concentration of buildings, and the fragility of its structures, most of which have not been seismically designed (p. 813). According to Billitteri (2010), if a magnitude 6.5 quake hit Manhattan, losses could total more than $1.5 trillion. Manhattan sits atop a zone of ancient faults, including a small one running down Harlem’s legendary 125th Street. He calls a quake underneath New York City an example of a low-probability, high consequence event (p. 319). According to Tantala (2008), the economic impact of a damaging earthquake in New York City alone would be in the billions of dollars due to direct
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I will close city bridges, roads, and streets. I will check for any broken buildings that could have the possibility of collapsing and causing more problems than prior from the earthquake. I will deal with the procedure to establish normal service operation as fast as could be allowed to minimize the effect to business operations. I will try to locate the FEMA administrator, that the agency had spoken with emergency coordinators, reports of injuries or major damage, and requests for federal help as soon as possible. My main goal are to reduce loss
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