Baby Pupies Essay

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The lives of newborn puppies are marked by an unwavering and consistent contact with their mother for they are completely dependent on their mum for survival. During this time, it is crucial that the pups obtain all the necessary nutrients needed to grow and sustain their health. Puppies derive their nutrition from their mother´s milk. Additionally, this milk helps fight off harmful bacteria and infections in the babies and provides adequate antibodies during the first weeks of maturation. Puppies who begin weaning too soon, whether it is by environmental factors or in the absence of the mother, are exposed to possible health dangers and behavior problems.
Ultimately, nursing not only starts the puppies off on a healthy track, but it´s also
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A puppy´s teeth can become sharp enough to add considerable discomfort in the mother, as well as pain. Puppies, without meaning to, tend to bite down on the teats while invigoratingly trying to nurse. This is commonly referred to as “milk teeth”.
In this weaning phase, breeders and dog owners can slowly start introducing mashed foods to the puppies so that they can start alternatively seeking other meal replacements. This also serves as a distraction so that the mother can have some rest from all the nursing, as nursing can become quite exhausting. This is usually done by alternating meals, such as a few feedings from the mother and then switching to soft foods that are provided by the breeder. This will let the puppies become familiar with other forms of eating and help in the process of letting go of their inclusive dependency on mom.
It is important to note that during this stage of development while the mother is weaning from her babies, as a responsible breeder and pet owner, you can help assist in this process. You can separate the puppies from their mother from time to time to allow them to grow in confidence in the absence of mom. You can gradually increase the times apart as time goes on until it no longer poses any
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