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Nickel coating is used extensively for decorative, engineering and electroforming purposes because the appearance and properties of electrodeposited nickel can be varied over wide ranges by controlling the composition and the operating parameters of the electrolyte. Decorative applications account for about 80% of the nickel consumed in plating and 20% is consumed for engineering and electroforming purposes [1]. Compared to plain coatings, composite coatings have improved physical and electrochemical properties. Based on the properties of different particles used in the bath, their applications are decided. Their applications can be divided into three main categories: dispersion hardening, wear resistance and electrochemical activity [2]. The dislocation movement blocked by the…show more content…
The nickel layer can be decorative, and can provide corrosion or wear resistance. Nickel electroplating can be done using watts bath, sulfamate bath, all-chloride bath, sulphate-chloride bath or all-sulphate bath. Watts nickel plating baths can deposit both bright and semi bright nickel. Bright nickel is typically used for decorative purposes a corrosion protection. Semi-bright deposits are used for engineering nickel where a high luster is not desired. Sulfamate nickel plating is used for many engineering application. Nickel plating from sulfamate solutions was first announced in 1938 by piontellil cambric in Italy. The uniqueness of sulfamate bath lies in the use of sulphamica acid salts. Sulfamic acid is relatively non-toxic and non-fuming an upon brief contacts with the skin shows no noticeable effect. Sulfamate nickel plating baths are odourless and have no more noticeable effect upon producing skin irritation than do other nickel plating bath formulations of the watts type. Sulfamic acid is not as corrosive in general to surrounding equipment as either fluoboric or hydrochloric

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