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How can the military track down civilians in pitch black? A gadget called Night Vision Goggles. These were first invented by Kalman Tihanyi, a physicist who developed the idea for the Hungarian military in the 1930’s.They were originally thought of so tank drivers could see heir surroundings in the night so they could continue fighting. Night Vision Goggles help you see in the dark by using one of three ways. The first technology that is used in Night Vision goggles is called image enhancement. This kind of technology takes all possible light and makes it visible. As you may know, not all light is visible to the raw eye. In fact, the only wave of light humans can actually see is visible light. In order to see all other light,…show more content…
Night Vision goggles are the most common answer. Night vision is used for many reasons. Many people can effectively use the privilege of night vision. Even regular people can use i for whatever they want! It’s amazing how far the technology of Night vision goggles have come. One day they are only used in goggles, and the next it is used for numerous other purposes. Some of the people who use Night Vision are hunters who use it to locate animals, the military to track down armies of other countries, environmentalists that use it for wildlife surveillance. Also, smartphones use it for the purpose of taking pictures in low lit situations. TSA uses night vision and x-ray vision to look into luggage and carry on items to prevent planes from getting hijacked and ensuring safety of many people. Some form f night vision technology is used in navigation to determine where you are, what your surroundings include, and where to go next to arrive at your destination. Police use the technology for different purposes as well. They use it to track down criminals in helicopters and use it in their navigation to find out where the scene of a crime is. Self- driving cars use Night Vision technology to sense surroundings in the dark so they don’t crash into other cars. Backup cameras used on mobile vehicles use night vision to help the driver and assure they aren’t going to back u too far and hit

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