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Advertising is a form of communication that convinces a specific group of people to take action. In advertising terms, the group of people that advertisers use as a target is called audience or consumers. While advertisements can take many forms, the desired result of an advertising campaign is often to convince an audience to either do something or to buy a product or brand by using objectives and strategies to impact consumer thoughts, feeling and actions. In 2011, a Nivea print advertisement that appeared in Septembers issue of Esquire a men's magazine that is published in the U.S. by the Hearst Corporation. The message of the ad is “Re-civilize yourself” and has and has the caption "Look like you give a damn.” The target of this advertisement were males in specific black men. The main purpose of the commercial is to use their skin care products moisturizers and facial cleansers. The aim of Nivea to most of their face products is that is make its target have a lighter skin color. However, the brand mislead the their point to the audience. it has been criticized as an racism advertisement. Companies spend millions of dollars annually on magazine advertising that can be incredibly effective and powerful in promoting causes and beneficial products, while at the same time be negative for forcing ideals upon its audience with their products.…show more content…
On Right, the colors are darker shades of blue with pops of yellow meaning that the darker blues are considered more “serious/authoritative" The few words in yellow draw the viewer's attention from the left side of the ad to the right Overall, blue shade normally have a calming effect and are also associated with trustworthiness and dependability. It can be inferred that the ad aimed to portray the company in this

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