Essay On Non Conformity

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Nonconformity: Self over Acceptance Nowadays, society’s foundation is based solely off of acceptance and conformity. Conformity has unfortunately become a social norm and has caused our once flowing originality to become boring and non-creative. Our society is so conformed that we have forgotten the meaning of being unique and distinct from everyone else. Examples of non-conformity are displayed in the film, Dead Poet’s Society, along with personal experiences and the short story The Sociology of Leopard Man by Logan Feys. Although, there are a few cases in which conformity is not such an atrocious lifestyle to follow, people should never change who they are in order to belong to a certain group. Individuality and being diverse from everyone…show more content…
For instance, they all wear the same uniform, talk in a similar manner and follow the same tradition. However, the students begin to learn that breaking the rules of conformity can lead to their own happiness. One example of non-conformity is when, Neil Perry decides to pursue his acting career instead of becoming a doctor like his father expects. This evidence is significant because it shows that Neil wants to follow his own beliefs and stray from the direction he is expected to pursue. The path that he chooses gives him true joy. Another example of conformity found in Dead Poets Society is conveyed when Keating demands the students to tear the pages out of the textbooks they are reading. The students are unsure of whether they should break the rules or follow them, but finally they rip the pages out, and with notable glee. The students know what the guidelines of the academy are but when they are told to do something that is different from what they normally do, they are willing to because they learn to do what makes them happy. Furthermore, non-conformity is displayed many times in Dead Poets Society. The students of the academy finally grasp the importance of being different from the crowd. Being a distinct individual allows legacies to be left behind and allows a person to follow his or her own
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