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Humans have been examining and studying non-human primates for ages in an attempt to further understand the reasoning behind human behavior and base instinct. While it would be ideal to study non-human primates in the wild, away from possible interference from human civilization, that is often not the case, especially for students, and in this case the non-human primates have been observed within captivity. Specifically, the species observed were the Tufted Capuchin monkey (Cebus apella) and the common squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus) at the Living Links to Human Evolution Research Centre in Edinburgh Zoo.
The tufted capuchin monkey is most commonly found within the neotropical regions of South America including: Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Suriname,
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Each of these locations are often frequented by one gender or another, with men frequenting barber shops and women frequenting beauty salons and parlors. This can be attributed to the idea that patrons will feel more comfortable and secure when surrounded by their own immediate social groups (i.e men or women) instead of being in a mixed location. Beyond traditional grooming, however, grooming practices can be identified in the medical industry. More specifically, medical professionals will groom their patients, such as bathing and combing hair, in order to ensure the continued health of the patients during their healing times and when their body is most vulnerable to infection or disease. The grooming of other people, be it in a salon or in a hospital, encourages bonding and trust in those partaking and such can be seen in the fact that people will often talk with their stylists about events in their lives regardless of the fact that they have never met their family. Beyond grooming, though, humans and non-human primates have other social behaviors to encourage bonding such as recreational

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