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The impact of non natural sugar in people 's diets

Most people have sugar in their diets, but do you ever look at the impacts it has on you? Sugar is one of the most dangerous everyday things you can give your body. In plain words it’s a poison. But what are the impacts of this terrible thing?

Sugar is high in fructose which over loads your liver, but before you can understand why sugar is so bad for your body you need to look further into it.

When sugar enters your bloodstream it 's broken into different sugars, glucose and fructose.

Glucose is found in every living creature on the planet, if we don’t eat it our body’s make it. Fructose however is not produced in a significant amount in our body’s, we don’t need it in our body’s.

There is nothing wrong with eating a little
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Fatty liver is one of the effects of too much sugar but others include bad teeth, higher chances of cancer, diabetes type two, it’s addictive and it cause more excess fat growth.

Cane and brown Sugar is natural so why is it so bad for you?

Well arsenic is also natural but you wouldn 't want to be eating it because it 's a poison just like sugar.

This is only a couple of things that non natural sugar does to your body, but should you stop eating it?

The answer is yes or at least as much as you can help, it is definitely a good decision to give it up. It is most DEFINITELY bad for your immune system.

But is there a flipside to this?

Is fruit and other natural sugars bad for you?

Well as you know now there is heaps of evidence that sugar is bad for you but it depends on the context. You might ask “if other sugars are so harmful why isn’t fruit sugars”?

When eating fruit it has not only fiber it also has water and chewing resistance.this means it takes longer to digest, letting small amounts of fructose into your liver at a time.

So will you turn to nature 's candy, fruit or stay with addictive sugar that destroys your body. Remember it’s your life, it 's your choice to give

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