Essay On Non Verbal Communication Skills

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Non-Verbal Communication Skills: How do They Work?
Communication skills are used in everyday interactions, and they are a key component in person-to-person interaction. Not only are there verbal communication skills, but there are also non-verbal communication skills which are comparable to verbal communication skills in importance in human interactions. Interpersonal contact and communication is used daily in today’s society, 65% of which is based around non-verbal communication skills (Ben-Nun, 2014). Non-verbal communication is usually unconscious, and it can be used to show a better view of one’s attitude or emotions. Since it is unconscious, non-verbal communication can display how a person is actually feeling without them realizing it. Non-verbal communication cues also do not mean the same
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According to Schulz (2012), if the idea of making eye contact with someone is thought about too in-depth, it can create an uncomfortable feeling and one will be cautious to make eye contact with someone. Fundamentally, some people find eye contact awkward and tend to gaze off, or their eyes wander when having a communication with someone. Furthermore, Ro (2017) notes that eye contact as a communication skill can be tricky to ‘get right’; meaning one can find it difficult to fathom actually how much eye contact is acceptable making them more confused and less hasty to hold eye contact during a conversation. She adds that people also have different levels of comfortableness around the levels of eye contact they see fit, and essentially, one person’s comfort zone could be the danger zone for someone else. (Ro, 2017). This research can be taken into consideration when learning about non-verbal communications skills more in depth as it can be understood how people react to different situations involving eye contact; a skill that is very
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