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The non-profit sector is constantly evolving which is usually related to the social sector, voluntary/philanthropic/charitable sector or independent sector (Andrew, 1950) (Andrew, 1956) (Anheier, 2000) (Anheier & Salamon, 1998). Over time, non-profit organizations became an essential part of the society. Their participation in community offers services which are not provided by commercial organizations or sometimes by the government such as health, security, education or social welfare (Andrew, 1956) (Hansmann, 1980) (Anheier & Salamon, 1998)(Duque-Zuluaga & Schneider, 2008).

The concept of Non-Governmental Organizations could be too broad and ambiguous (Andrew, 1956). This term include a large range of organizations from sports clubs to political action groups or religious
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They work for a social or environmental purposes. There are two kind of NGOs (Anheier & Salamon, 1998):
- Collaborative NGOs – they plan and develop a project through stakeholder participations
- Campaigning NGOs – they communicate and defend a specific subject (racism, HIV, etc.) through lobbing actions.

They distinct from classic companies in terms of way of working. A NPO is generally composed of beneficiaries, donors, people in need who receive services, volunteers and employees, eventually a government director, etc. A NPO rely essentially on volunteers, so on unpaid labour (Duque-Zuluaga & Schneider, 2008).

According to Kanter and Summers (1987), the mission of a NPO “is built around service”. Brenkert (2002) added that a non-profit organization must distribute their funds raised to people in need without any beneficial interest. Macedo and Pinho (2006) are agreed to define a NPO as a set of individuals who are associating for any of following reasons:
- To carry out social missions delegated by the government
- To address the needs that neither the government nor commercial organizations are available to
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