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Why Nontraditional Students Should Be Exempted From Regular School Policies
I consider myself to be a nontraditional student with extenuating circumstances. What does that mean? For me, it means I find it extremely difficult to comply with some of the standard school policies. I am a student with a child of my own in my senior year of high school. I believe students with children should be allowed extensions on some assignments, more time to get to first block and more allowed absences. I realize how controversial this topic can be, but most people do not realize exactly how hard it can be to play the role of a student, a parent, and an employee all at the same time. First, I think students who are also parents should be allowed extensions on some assignments. I know firsthand how hard it is to hand absolutely everything in on time. Most parents who are still in high school go straight from school to work, and I myself do not get
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Again, this is a struggle I personally go through every day. My daughter goes to daycare during the day while I’m at school, but it doesn’t open until 8:30. How could I possibly get to school on time if my first block bell rings at 8:20? Sometimes, if I am lucky, my mom is able to help me and take her to school so that I get to my own school on time. Other days, I have to get a tardy to be admitted into class. After three tardies, I receive a detention that I will probably not be able to attend because I will have to work that evening. Sometimes it feels like an endless cycle of punishment for a mistake I made 3 years ago. It can become disheartening and sometimes I feel like I am drowning. I can see how some people would argue that it is unfair to other students, but I believe that policies should be adjusted for special circumstances. It would be unfair to me to be punished every time I turn around for doing what I have to do to be a good
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