Essay On Nonverbal Communication

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Non-verbal communication is an essential form of expression; it can support a verbal context or merely be the only method of conveying an idea or thought. Interpersonal and Group Dynamic textbook states “non-verbal communication is the primary way we communicate feelings, attitudes and emotions” (p.159). This manifestation transmits through body language, facial expression to murmuring, thus understanding this form of communication is crucial since it can open or close a dialogue. My attitude in developing a better understanding of non-verbal communication is comprehending that there are many interpretations how others communicate in this manner due to cultural and personal experience influences. During this section of the course,
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Consequently, this bridging makes it accessible to learn about other cultural communication techniques. Intercultural communication involves developing an understanding that different languages, beliefs, cultural upbringing effect conversation and interpretation. I cannot assume that if I speak English to someone in which English is not their first language, that they would understand certain words, phrases and perhaps even local slang. In the start of class, I have made good connections with peers; I realize that a few of my peers English is their second language. Some courses called for group work, in being aware of my group dynamic, I consciously used words and phrases that were straightforward terms, and I ensured to ask my peers if they had questions. In doing this, I believe we were able to work well, and since then fellow’s peers have stated that they appreciated my time in explaining things and asking them if they required further clarification. I believe that going into my placement; I would be learning ways in using appropriate vocabulary to be more inclusive and feel comfortable enough to ask a question if I do not understand or am not familiar with specific customs, wording or definitions. Knowing ahead of time where my placement demographics allows me to prepare myself for a plan on communication techniques I may need to use or
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