Essay On Nonviolent Action

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The Success of Nonviolent Action
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable” (John F. Kennedy). Today, citizens of the U.S have many ways of voicing their opinions on issues or arguments, such as social media. But many of those methods do not have a good effect on the issue or argument being made. In today 's society, civil disobedience and nonviolent action are the most beneficial for protesting against injustice towards minorities.
An example of a method of nonviolent action would be peaceful marching. Peaceful marching is actually an effective way to raise awareness about an issue as seen throughout history. Many major movements in our nation’s history involved marching, such as the Civil Rights
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Violence should not always be the answer, as violence always ends up with people injured and dead. In the past, people have use nonviolent action to protest, and they have succeeded. In a speech called “The secret to effective Nonviolent resistance, the speaker gives the example the Guatemalans. They recently had been ruled by corrupt government officials, but they found a way to stop that. They delivered eggs to the houses of these officials, and left notes saying, “If you don’t have the balls to resign, you can borrow ours. Although this may seem funny, the Guatemalans actually got these officials to step down without laying a finger on them. This is just an example of the success of nonviolent action. When Donald Trump put his Travel Ban executive order in place, people used nonviolent action for their voices to be heard. “Backlash against the ban grew at airports and cities around the country. Thousands rallied in Los Angeles, California; Washington, D.C; Boston, Massachusetts; and other cities.” Because these thousands of people rallied in the airports around the nation, these people got the attention of lawyers and the Supreme Court who then ruled the travel ban as unconstitutional, therefore bringing it down. Those who had rallied at the airports were acting out against injustice, not by fighting, rather by standing in the airports
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