Essay On Nonviolent Crimes

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What does it mean to be a nonviolent juvenile offender? Nonviolent offenses are the crimes that do not include the use of coercion or abuse on another individual. Some nonviolent crimes may include burglary, embezzlement, bribery, trespassing, issuing a bad check, forgery, tax crimes, gambling, or stolen vehicle offenses. Some people that are convicted with minor nonviolent offenses are prosecuted with life-without-parole sentences. Locking up kids for life just makes things worse for the community. It would definitely be more useful to try and work with these children to get them to finish school, go to college, and find a job rather than lead them in the direction to breaking the laws and committing a crime. Children who commit nonviolent crimes should not be locked up with people who commit violent crimes such as murder and rape. There can be other ways to deal with people who commit nonviolent crimes and/or have misdemeanor charges. Prisons are expensive. If an individual is not a threat to the community then they should not be taking up space in a prison. Nonviolent…show more content…
Anyone who commits a crime, whether young or old, should be punished for their actions. The problem with this is that there are levels to violence, and students should not be arrested for minor issues like not attending school. They should seek other help. Unfortunately, students have already been sent to juvenile halls for theft, an offense that, at many private schools, would have generated a suspension. There is not equality in the juvenile court system and this causes many conflicts. Police officers find it more appropriate to stand by at lower class community schools and observe students who are being disruptive or engaging in criminal activity. However, when it comes to the upper class community schools, because there are fewer crimes involved, they feel as if they should not be treated the same as lower class
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