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Nora Helmer in “A Doll House” is a very different and bizarre character. At times, she can be acting different ways that will have the reader confused. Nora Helmer is not only a smart character but very sneaky with what she does. Nora can just about manipulate anyone with her sweet words and her lustful body she presents to the people. She is not looked at as a female follows the morals and values of how women should be presenting themselves. Nora Helmer is an individualistic because of how she discusses the stereotypical norms of females and goes against it all to be a different person from the crowd. To begin with, an individualistic person distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked. Henrik Ibsen starts the play off by having both Nora and Helmer showing their love and affection but soon the scene has turned into an argument. Helmer says “… But…show more content…
Nora will do whatever it takes to get it through with Krogstad that he will not tell Torvald about the money. Once again, Nora goes against the stereotypical norms for females and acts like a wife to Krogstad. She is very influential with her looks and wants to show Krogstad her undergarments which is a manipulation she is playing to get him on her side. Krogstad appreciates the show Nora has put on for him but he says that he will send a letter to Torvald and which it will discuss all the truth behind the money Nora has acquired. As time goes on, Nora talks to Mrs. Linde and tell her about what happened with Krogstad and what he is planning to do. Mrs. Linde tells Nora to just be honest and go tell Torvald the truth before he receives the letter. Nora feels that if she is to tell the truth she will be kicked out of the house and being kicked out of the household meant leaving with nothing. Nora understands that she will be caught sooner or later, but she just doesn’t want to tell the truth just
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