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What would you do if you had the chance to find out who had killed your father? Would you find out who it was or just forget the chance ever came up? Well for Nora it was no question she was going to find out who had killed her father, even if it meant killing herself. Nora and her friend Vee were out eating lunch won day and there was a letter gave to Nora. Nora opened the letter and found a ring inside that had the words Black Hand engraved in it. Along with the ring came a letter that said the Black Hand had killed your father. At that point Nora knew that she would not rest till this Black Hand person was put to rest. Nora then starting breaking or sneaking her way into people’s houses trying to find just that one last clue to put the whole puzzle together. Little did she know she had people watching her as she did. In this journal I will be searching for identity, love and truth in my book. In this paragraph I will be searching for identity in the book crescendo. Nora is the main character in…show more content…
Throughout this book Nora is trying to find out who is responsible for her father’s demise. In this book Nora thinks that the Black Hand is Patch because that is what people call him sometimes. So in this whole book Nora has a second reason to be mad at Patch other than being with Marcie. Until Patch had showed Nora without saying it that he loved her did she believe he was not the Black Hand. Nora then at this point had no idea who it was. This made her feel empty like a garbage can just emptied. It wasn’t until Patch and her were with each other in a shed did she find out who the Black Hand was. The Black Hand was Marcie Millar’s father, Hank Millar. “Let me introduce myself properly,” he said. “ I’m the Black Hand. I knew your Harrison well. I’m glad he’s no here now to see you debasing yourself with one of the devil’s brood” (Fitzpatrick 427). And with that ended the book
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