Essay On North American Colonization

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The colonization of America began with the landing of Christopher Columbus in 1492. The Europeans that arrived in the America 's brought with them hope and thoughts for a new beginning in life, the dream of new beginnings for home and family however, the unexpected arose as they also brought diseases that were not indigenous to the native tribes already settled on the North American Continent. These diseases decimated the native population as well as the European settlers that landed in 1492. The lack of immunity against these diseases allowed infections to spread rapidly and caused those infected to die painful deaths. This was not looked upon by the natives positively, in fact, this was the catalyst that began the conflict between the native…show more content…
Machinery, transportation and other advancements led to the industrialization of lands once roamed and owned by Native tribes. Colonization was moving at an even greater pace and that meant that the Native American tribes were going to suffer even more. The more land was needed for industrialization, the more land the Native tribes lost and the more the tribes had to move and eventually Reservations became the norm for Native Americans to live out their lives. The way of life for the American Indian was over. Their lands were taken from them but their spirit remains strong until this day. Today, the Native Americans still carry on their fight for rights and equality and they have become very successful with their efforts. Laws have been passed to protect and defend the Native Americans and their lands, They have government tax exemptions which allow them to have businesses and ownership of properties without any taxation and they have full rights and privileges as American citizens. The American Indian is proud and resilient and ever since Columbus, the Native tribes have been through trauma and tragedy and has overcome all these obstacles to remain a proud nation until this
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