Essay On North And South Secession

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As the tensions between the North and the South keep growing, we have to look at the secession of the Southern states and if this act will help or hinder the debate brought about between the two territories. One of the first things we need to inspect is the differences between the two. Then we need to get down to the core and see why there are major issues between the North and the
South. Finally, after we go through the facts, I will present my opinion on whether or not secession is necessary and if it is or isn’t the right route to take in order to resolve the conflicts separating the United States.
One difference between the North and the South is the climate and geography. In the North summers are warm and with cold snowy winters. The short
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In the North, slavery has been fizzling out after the
American Revolution, as it proved not profitable. In the South, farmers are still very defensive over the slaves claiming that blacks were incapable of caring for themselves and that being a slave is keeping them fed, clothed, and occupied while the Northerners doubt the benevolence of slavery. Husbands, wives and children are frequently sold away from one another and there is much punishment through whipping. In the United States Supreme

Court, the Dred Scott Decision of 1857 ruled slaves to be subhuman property with no rights of citizenship.
So is secession of the states right? Is this what needs to be done in order to find some peace between the states? After looking at how the North and South are becoming more and more diverse and how much strife there is between the two territories, Yes, I do believe that secession needs to take place in order for there to be some settlement in the disagreements taking place. As one can see, all the states are not going to be able to come to one conclusion about the use of slaves, so if the states can form their own government aside from the union, it can become a
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