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The nosocomial infection is the infection which occurs between 48 to 72 hours after admission of patient in hospital or at soon after hospital discharge and on admission moment the patient does not have this infection (1). More than a century that nosocomial infections are the most important causes of disability in hospitalized patients which resulted in increased hospitalization, imposed double therapeutic costs on the health care / therapeutic systems and patients, occurrence of significant health risks and even morality(1, 2). In regard to surplus attempts and constant pursuit in nosocomial infections control and remarkable achievements in medical sciences, frequently medical interferences performance including extensive intake of immune suppresser drugs and antibiotics causes increasing vulnerable individuals to these infections, and this is…show more content…
Also according to the WHO reports in 2005 more than 4.4 million nosocomial infections occur annually in the World (8). Nosocomial infections are caused by bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens, which most common pathogens are: staphylococcus, pseudomonades, E.coli, mycobacteria, Candida, aspergelosis, fozarium, trycosporum and malasizia. All of pathogens have role in increase of contagious and mortality of patients in hospitals(8). The most prevalent infections based on NISs (Nosocomial infection surveillance system) includes; wound infection, bloodstream infection(BSI), Urinary tract infection (UTI), respiratory infection (7) . UTI is the most common nosocomial infection in the World (about 40% out of all nosocomial infections). The most risk factors for acquire this infection is the presence of urinary catheters. The most etiological agents of this infection including Gram negative bacilli such as E.coli, K. pneumoniae, P.aerogenosa (7). The prevalence rate of nosocomial pneumonia is nearby 5-10% cases per 1000 hospitalized patients. Pneumonia frequency has a direct relationship with mechanical

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