Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nudges

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A lot of times people find themselves asking why do I do what you do? This seems like a very generic and simple question to most, but to others, there is an obvious reason. In the design world, this subconscious and subtle encouragement to do something is called a nudge. Defined as something to push slightly or gently, especially with the elbow, to get someone 's attention, prod someone into action, etc.” ( In other words, a nudge is something that may persuade someone to do something, without forcing it upon them with common incentives or disadvantages.
The main goal of a product designer is to make and invent objects people will use. The other part of that is to design objects or items that drive people to want to use them. Essentially, designers make products to nudge users to do something specific with their
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However, nudges are something I react to without even recognizing it. I believe that nudges using words, signs, shapes, and colors are types of nudges that I and most people use without really thinking much about them. I believe it is easy to ignore and not relate to something written on a sign when compared to other nudges that use pictures with which I am personally more likely to relate. The nudges that intrigue me the most are the ones I don’t think about, such as the bike arrows. Cultures and countries all around the world provide their own interesting nudges of many types and forms. In the United States, our version of a nudge will most likely be slightly different than in a third world country due to resources and necessities. For example, in the United States a simple nudge maybe something like a trash can with a separate spot for recycled bottles to promote recycling, and in a third world country, it may be a sign promoting health and hygiene or something related more to their common

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