Essay On Numerical Anxiety

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Mathematics is often viewed by students as one of the most abstract and conceptually difficult subjects. In spite of the important role of mathematics, students have been shown to have motivational difficulties when studying the subject.
Numerical anxiety is a feeling of tension, apprehension, or fear that interferes with mathematics performance like manipulation of numbers and the solving of mathematical problems in both everyday life and academic situations (Ashcraft & Faust, 1994). Anybody can have this and perhaps, most students have this. The causes of numerical anxiety fall within three major factors: dispositional, situational, and environmental (Baloglu & Kocak, 2006). The dispositional factors deal with psychological and emotional features such as attitudes towards mathematics, self-concept, and learning styles. The self-concept refers to students’ perception of their own ability to perform well in
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Some students tend to be more anxious about the testing process and can often freeze up, others just cringe when they are confronted with any form of computational exercise, or others dread taking math classes which can occur in the elementary, high school, and even at the college levels. Research has shown relationships between numerical anxiety and achievement, between numerical anxiety and gender, and between numerical anxiety and age. A negative relationship between numerical anxiety and mathematics achievement has been found across all grade levels (Betz, 1978; Ma, 1999). While there is little doubt that there is a connection between numerical anxiety and poor mathematical performance, the direction and nature of this connection is less clear. Given that numerical anxiety can hinder performance even for individuals with high aptitude, it is important to investigate the extent to which numerical anxiety affects the performance of the
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