The Nurse-Patient Ratio Analysis

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Talking about nurses’ shortage, it is worldwide problems whereby nurses’ demands go above the proportion at which are being employed. The nurse-patient ratio is at the high rise, and the job opportunities for the nurses are the high rate, but the nurses employed are so less to what is being demand for the organizations. The problem of the nurses’ shortage is not just new things that just happened; it has been an existing problem that has been facing many health care organizations which make it difficult for many fresh nurses to be employed. According to grant (2016), this country, that the United of American has been having nurses scarcities and shortages for many years that has not been resolved and as times goes on with this challenges…show more content…
This had created an excessive consequence on the patients care outcome, which involved amplified problems among patients, nurse-patient ratio increase and lessen excellence and quality care for the patients. In this paper, the causes of nurses’ shortages and turnover will be discussed, how the leader and the managers in the nursing profession can resolve these problems will be described, the personal and nursing professional philosophy in a way that it relates to this topics that is been chosen will be mentioned, compare and contrast of how nursing leaders and managers would be expect to approach this issues, the rationale and the theories, skills, principles and the leaders versus managers’ roles will be described and the approach that will be best for the personal and nursing professional philosophy will be recognize and the reason for the approach will be suitable for the personal leadership style will be…show more content…
The elders that have been aging among the nursing population are many, which also added to the nursing shortages, school of nursing with decrease registration for nurses compound the problem along with high patient acuity and staff ratio (Gindel & Hagerstrom, 2009). Leaders and managers need to be very responsible, reliable, dependable and greatly proficient and actively involved with the other employees to offer an outstanding patient care in order to promote and avert the further nurses
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