Essay On Nursing Code Of Ethics

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Nurses have a Code of Ethics that includes safeguards of the patient’s right to privacy and the duty to maintain confidentiality of all patient information. (Westrick, pp. 16-17)

The nursing Code of Ethics,as of 2015, explicitly mention social media and emphasizes the nurse’s duty to maintain vigilance in postings, images, recordings, or commentary that intentionally or unintentionally breach the duty to maintain privacy and confidentiality (Westrick, pp. 16-17)

This presentation reviews guidelines on the use of social media in nursing.
Social media are "electronic tools that enhance communication, support collaboration, and enable users across the globe to generate and share content" (Henderson, p. 62)

Different popular types of social media include social network sites, blogs, online chat rooms,
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This is still a breach of confidentiality. (Alaskan Nurse, p. 15)

That it is acceptable to discuss or refer to patients if they are not identified by name, but referred to by a nickname, room number, diagnosis or condition. This too is a breach of confidentiality and demonstrates disrespect for patient privacy. (Alaskan Nurse, p. 15)
Social Media has tremendous potential for strengthening personal relationships and providing information to health care consumers, as well as affording nurses a valuable opportunity to interact with colleagues around the world. (Alaskan Nurse, p. 15)
Nurses need to be aware of potential consequences of disclosing patient-related information and be mindful of employer policies, relevant sate and federal laws, and professional standards regarding patient privacy and confidentiality. (Alaskan Nurse, p. 15)
Social media used carefully and correctly can afford nurses personal and professional benefits without violating patient privacy and confidentiality or by causing any employer or co-worker
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