Why Nursing Is My Choice Essay

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Reasons why nursing is my choice?

This has been a long-term goal and something I have dreamed of doing since I was a little girl. In order to reach my goal, I will conduct a detailed research, including which colleges in Georgia that have Registered Nursing programs and how long each program catch to complete. My research will also contain the different wages for Registered Nurses and where the greatest demand is for Registered Nurses. I will become a Registered Nurse and take care of sick children. Kids are important to me. I’ll try my best to do what's best for their kids and family. All sicknesses are not the same. However, they both require a leader who has a passion and desire to help. In order for me to become a registered nurse, I must graduate from an accredited program. Several options are available, including nursing diplomas, associate degrees or bachelor’s
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I have different options that are available, including these nursing diplomas, associate degrees or bachelor’s degrees. As an aspiring and future licensed Registered Nurse dedicated to the mission of compassionate patient care, I feel that I am excellent and I can become an RN. I'm a hard-working, energetic, and highly skilled, and confident that I am prepared to provide the quality of care that Heritage Inn of Sandersville is known for. Beyond my skill in safely administering medications, monitoring vital signs, bedside care, and pain management expert , I am a passionate advocate for my patients. My comforting approach to educating patients and loved ones about health-related issues creates a positive environment that lifts patient's spirits, even in challenging circumstances. My communication and documentation skills are also top-notch. I understand the importance of being clear and thorough with patients and other medical professionals, am an excellent listener, and perform well under
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