Essay On Nursing Philosophy

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A Personal Philosophy and Vision for Nursing
Nursing is an illustrious vocation of the health care division that put emphasis on paying attention of the patients, persons, and even relatives in the absence or presence of the physicians. Besides, they also help the surgeons in their numerous cure undertakings of the subjects (sick people), which in order would aid in the recuperation of the patients. The occupation can be distinguished on the foundation of their line of attack to patient’s therapy, room of exercise, and other fresh improvements (Allan, 2008). However, for a nurse, especially, I believe that, senior nurses play a key role in curing the given patients as they have to get involved them into different daily routine activities together
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In view of this, nursing professional should incorporate or embrace these values to respect and justify the diverse identified or unidentified nursing roles (Bondas, 2006). The assumed values will offer them an edge to work without purpose, an altruistic way. In fact, apart from the thoughtfulness and fidelity, responsibility, impartiality, and self-possession and family values will help them to see the height of career satisfaction and fulfillment as it is found that, with such values’ presence, patients get cured in good time in addition to proper medication’s…show more content…
Also, I feel that, each person should get the best medical treatment and nursing professions should abide by this profession’s guideline in their daily duties. However, when I see that, the nursing has developed exceptionally and is playing a key role in the health care, it makes me feel satisfied being a baccalaureate nurse and I wish that, people get the superlative and technological based treatments at an inexpensive

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