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From the perspective of a new grad nurse with no experience and a new BSN grad with previous experience from a different unit or facility, my expectations for my mentor or preceptor is the same. I look to my preceptor to help me develop self confidence, gain understanding of the workplace culture, improve competencies when needed, provide a collegial relationship to discuss concerns and get some advice in a situation that is not supervisory (Finkelman, 2016, p.478)
Specific characteristics I find beneficial in a preceptor is a consistent and professional approach to their work and myself (a new grad nurse). The ability to know and appreciate the level of knowledge and the limitations of a new grad, support as a role model in making me feel
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My preceptor might not even realize they’re not providing me with adequate information. A preceptor wears many hats and I can see this during our workday. Precepting new employees is an intricate process, because nurses are faced with teaching a new nurse while providing care to patients, supervising other employees, and monitoring other patients (Rittman, 1992). My preceptor is attending to all these multiple demands as a part of their nursing practice and may not take notice that I am not receiving the needed training. I believe it’s important for us to be open and honest with each other, so the preceptorship can be a success.
Conflict of personalities with your assigned mentor or preceptor
If there is a conflict of personalities with my preceptor, I will have to bring this to the attention of the nurse manager. According to Sliter, Withrow & Jex (2015) personality might predispose some individuals to being hypersensitive to stressors and perception. Also personality might impact individuals’ perceptions of the work environment (p.3). Reassignment to a new preceptor may be necessary to make the learning process

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