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Nursing is defined as a profession which provides care for the sick people. Nurses give medication, cares for individuals, families and communities to maintain ideal health and life. American Nurses Association (ANA) is a professional organization which protects nursing. It started in 1896 as “Nurses Associated Alumnae” and was renamed in the year 1911 as “American Nursing Association”. This assessment will be focusing on the definition of nursing, the reasons for choosing nursing, the roles of nursing and how will I uphold those roles and the ethical principles in nursing profession. To commence with, American Nursing Association defines
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This noble profession holds so much dignity and status that communities give such a high respect to this profession. When I grew up nursing profession had become my life’s biggest dream which made me work hard to get a place in nursing school. My parents and my brother also dreamt for me. I did a lot of research about nursing. The reasons for joining nursing were; it was my dream to become a nurse because I want to make a difference in people’s lives and bringing happiness in their lives because making people happy is one of my hobbies. Secondly, there is a great demand of nursing so I will not be unemployed after getting a degree in my hands. Thirdly, we can get chances to interact with new people and many other staff that are available in hospital. In addition our nursing skills are universal meaning we will get all the skills from other profession which has only one or two skills; example a nurse can be teacher but a teacher cannot be a nurse, a nurse can be a model but a model cannot be a nurse. Since it my third week in nursing I have learnt about many different things such as some body parts which we had it but we didn’t know , and some of nursing skills which I am learning once which made me realize that I’m in a right

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