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Nurs 6050: Nurse as Leader in the Future Identification of the influence of nursing on important health care decision at all levels. Nurses have proven to be needed at the front of health care at every setting; the nurse usually first sees patients during a hospital visit, sometimes with doctors rounding, and before patients are discharge home, No matter the circumstances, a nurse has many influences on the patients’ health. One of the very important rules we have as nurses is to advocate for patients at all levels. Zomorodi and Foley state in their article “nurses should help individuals to clarify their values when making decision and to reach decision that uphold their reaffirming values” as cited in Gadow, 1980, p. 1747). Most of the time patients are left with health care decision that they may not even understands how to go about, the step to take in making the right decision. When I picture myself with patients, I see the fear, uncertainty, confusion in their face as I carry on their cares. Stepping in to help patients reach their health goal is very important as far as health care is concern. Zomorodi and Foley (2009) define “the role of the advocating nurse as informing and…show more content…
Paternalism, this article elaborated on advocacy as the main drive to health care decisions. The patient is the core of focus when we make health care decisions at all levels. “Advocacy is the center of nursing care” (Zomorodi and Foley, 2009, p.1748). We have to stand out for our patient at every circumstance to see that they are well cared for during hospital visit when they get home after discharge and when we make health care policies to cover them. The article also express paternalism as Zomorodi and Foley (2009) explained paternalism a decision take to denied patients of certain right base on their health situation. The article emphasized that we have to be able to find the “thin line” between the two when we advocate for our
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