Patient Moment Experience

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Patient’s safety is essential during hospitalisation and it is everyone concern. It is because, hospital is a place where patients’ injuries are treated, not generated. However, unintentionally injuries may be happen while in the care in the ward. The challenge for nurses are to ensure safety while giving nursing care to them. Falls are the common accidents occurred in ward. This lead harm to patient and emotional stress to the family as well. Throughout my clinical posting, there was an incident involving a 9 months old patient who fell from bed. I am currently on my four weeks clinical posting in Paediatric Nursing Practicum course at Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching. The incident occurred in my second weeks of posting during we…show more content…
During the situation occurred, the patient woke from sleep and realised her mother was not around and tried to find her mother and eventually fell from bed. This situation happened as Consolini (2013) stated that child who is 8 months until 24 months will have separation anxiety where the child did not with primary caregiver and still not learned object permanence. The patient cried and scared that her mother leaves her alone in the ward. Hence, her mother need to raise bedrails even the patient asleep and momentarily went to washroom. I realised during orientated new admission patients, nurses just told to raise bedrail if the caregivers were not around. Although they told the reason, they just read one through the list on orientation sheet. They must emphasize especially bedrails as it is essentials for patients safety. Caregiver must raised it even leaving patient just for a while to avoid falling. It is because unintentional injury in paediatric mainly due to children fall (Messmer, 2012). Thus, nurses play major role in preventing patient from falling and keeping them safe and always reminding caregivers to raise bedrails. Nurses also must aware about environment and keep an eye on patients’
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