Essay On Nursing Shortage

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Nursing Shortage
Nursing shortage has been a major problem in the health care industry from the past decade. The lack of skilled nurses to take care of individual patients and the population as a whole has reduced the quality of healthcare immensely. Morgan (2014) addressed, “The future of nursing is dependent on nurses with terminal degrees to construct an innovative framework able to support the mounting complexities of effective and accessible care with excellent outcomes while preserving organizational resources.” Presently there is an increase in demand for nursing, which is attributed to rapid population growth and increase in aging population of individuals above 65 years. The prevalence of chronic lifestyle diseases have increased worldwide hence increasing the need for more nurses in health care facilities Causes of nursing shortage include poor working conditions which lead to turnover, staffing issues, inadequate resources for research and education in nursing, and aging workforce among nurses..
Issues with Job Dissatisfaction
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This will help in increasing the enrollment of more students into nursing. Loan programs with no interest will also be initiated in nursing schools for registered nurses who want to enroll in advanced nursing courses. Addressing the shortage of nurses there can be an increase in wages. This strategy will aid in retention of skilled nurses already in the job, it will also increase recruitment of registered nurses who had intentions of changing their profession. Pelayo (2013) argued, “The loss of experienced faculty members would cripple the educational system if there are not enough nurse educators to replace faculty as they retire.” Nurses will be encouraged to mentor students and involve the younger generation into taking up nursing courses. Launch of nursing professions campaigns can be posted on social media

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