Essay On Nutritional Assessment

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Nutritional assessment in depth evaluation of both objective and subjective data related to an individual’s food intake, lifestyle and medical history. Critical evaluation-
Personal life: Knowledge of nutritional assessment will help to know the kind of food to eat and those to avoid and plan my family diet effectively. With this knowledge, I will be able to guide my client about nutritious diet.
Social life: In social sense, nutritional assessment is necessary to determine those that are at risk with poor diet which may lead to malnutrition, which ultimately leads to mortality rates.
Application of concept of the Current job: It help me to plan my client’s nutritional assessment and nutritional diet, and to give a good balance diet depending on their health status.
Usefulness of the concept of the current world: The government as a major role to play in the prevention of problem related to poor diet. There should be job opportunity especially for the low socioeconomic status in other to get the money required to fend for them. There should be good health care facilities where patients can go for proper screening or assessment. These facilities should be equipped with skilled workers .e.g. - dietician to be able to detect malnutrition for proper treatment. There should be health education on the importance of eating a well-balanced diet to
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As to the diet, food consumption may be measured at the national level, household level, or individual individual, qualitative or quantitative information may be collected by self-report, data obtained by food frequency questionnaires or interviews or by use of food records (prospective methods), weighed food record, estimated food records. Data may be collected by observation methods or by reports from relatives and family members close to the target subject of the

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