Essay On O 'Brien's Things Fall Apart'

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This quote is from O’Brien the author himself admitting that he couldn’t be brave enough to leave his country and that he was embarrassed of what he was trying to do. So, he told himself that he would go to war, kill and maybe die because of the embarrassment idea he made. The idea of this quote is to explain what he feeling/confusion between what he’d do. Should he go to war? Or should he leave his loved ones and country behind.? “Later we heard that Strunk died somewhere over Chu Lai, which seemed to relieve Dave Jensen of an enormous weight.” (p. 63) This quote is about a relieve, feel free or better about a guy. Before Strunk died, Strunk keeps telling Jensen that he did not want to die and also said that “don’t kill me” to Jensen. Jensen was relieve because he couldn’t bare the pain that Strunk had but later was announced that Strunk died and Jensen was relieved.…show more content…
“the magic doesn’t go away.” (p112.) In my perspective the character who said this quote was very sad and depressed because some tragic thing happened to him. I used to say this word “the magic doesn’t go away.” When I say “the magic doesn’t go away” I meant that the love that I have still didn’t go away. I’m pretty sure that’s what he(the character) meant too. The character was in the feeling between sadness and depression. “All right then,” Henry Dobbins said, “Dance right.” (p. 130)…show more content…
He meant to say that give respect. Azar and Dobbin’s and the other platoon saw a little girl dancing. Azar made fun of her dancing and Dobbins was kind of mad and annoyed by Azar’s dancing because Azar didn’t dance to respect the little girl, he was making fun of her dance. It’s important because it shows the expression of the war, by the dancing

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