Essay On Obi Okonkwo's Downfall

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Chinua Achebe makes, the protagonist, Obi Okonkwo responsible for his own (financial and moral) downfall, while making his circumstances and other characters the catalysts. The ‘how we got here’ structure of the novel, with the protagonist's introduction happening at the trial (the end of the timeline), intrigues the reader how Obi Okonkwo arrived at this moment. The reader is first introduced to Obi during his trial, where he is charged with corruption. Obi Okonkwo’s first portrayal is as a disappointment through the judge's statement of her incapability ‘to comprehend how… [Obi] could have done this’. A judge would normally have dealt with a lot of cases involving abysmal people. For a person with that kind of vast exposure not to be able to ‘comprehend’ Obi’s actions speaks a lot to the reader about the despicability of his moral downfall. This in turn shows the reader that Obi is the principal reason for his downfall. Furthermore, the reader’s curiosity of the events that led to Obi’s downfall is intrigued by Achebe’s use of repetition and juxtaposition. The…show more content…
The Umuofian people ‘clapped and cheered and danced’ when Obi arrived in his ‘pleasure-car’. Achebe uses ‘and’ twice rather than listing the verbs to emphasise the intensity and length of their celebrations. The word “unison” is also used to convey this mutual feeling. This paints an image in both Obi’s and the reader’s mind that he far superior in everyone’s eyes. This in turn explains his arrogant actions towards the Umuofia Progressive Union President, drastically increasing the gradient of his downfall as the people of Umuofia fueled his arrogance and made him feel second-to-none in every aspect. This shows the significant (yet, minute when compared to his actions) role that his countrymen played in his
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